About the writer:

I teach writing and literature at a small private college, which means my days from Fall to Spring are filled with Gertrude Stein, Chinua Achebe, Kazuo Ishiguro, and other half-mad experiments in cognitive development.  Summers are for fishing in the sky, whose bottom, Thoreau says, is pebbly with stars.

My academic research interests include the literature and culture of the British empire, modernist aesthetics, and the philosophy of psychology.  I’m currently finishing a book about (among other things) the shared concerns animating Virginia Woolf’s anti-imperial writing, Samuel Beckett’s investigations of affect, and Wittgenstein’s remarks on reading.  In the longer run, I’m also planning projects on the cultural logic of settler colonialism and the varieties of modernist miniaturization, so there’s a good chance the materials accumulating here will connect to those topics.

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